Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Favorite Halloween Decorating Ideas (a post from Halloween past)

Udpate: This is a post from October 2010. There were so many really creative and festive Halloween posts back then. This year I didn't seem to find as many ideas as I did back then. I think maybe people spend more time pinning ideas on Pinterest. Regardless, in decorating for Halloween this year I still found these inspirational so I thought I'd repost with updated links. I hope to take some pictures of my own Halloween decor to post - we got NONE last year {the 1st year in our new house}. Anyway, Sandy kind of pushed that back and forced us to take down a few decorations outside. We'll put them back up tonight and hopefully get a few shots before it gets too dark.
Enjoy! I still do!!
There have been so many awesome Halloween posts by a TON of bloggers, both that I frequent and have recently found by link parties (and now follow!). In trying to imagine a convenient way to save my favorite Halloween decorating posts, it dawned on me to simply do a post on my blog. That also gives them a few more shout outs (you know, because I get so. much. traffic.) while giving them street cred for anything I might try in my own home. DISCLAIMER: As more and more are posted, this may not actually be a Top Ten, but many, many more! And feel free to let me know if you've seen any that you've loved!

In the meantime, here are my favs and Happy Halloween!! Come back for pictures of our decorating after we make some final attempts tonight.

See, I've already added more (AND MORE). And if you haven't checked out the link parties I've joined over the last 2 weeks, you should. There's just too many creative, great projects to list here!
19. Dream Home DIY for the Spooky Halloween Candleabra.
Create One Day In the Future for the spooky messages created on upcycled 'bath' blocks. Now private17. Muse Lodge for the super cool "Bloody Mess" wax paper project. I just HAVE to try this over the weekend!16. Fiddle Dee Dee for all the chic halloween decor. Now Private15. Young House Love for the Puffy Paint Pumpkins. (Come on, you knew it was just a matter of time before they made it to my list!!)14. Straight Stitches for the crafty use of 'useless' vases we all know we have.
Mod Vintage Life for her spooky mantel
Centsational Girl for the awesome mantel.

AND ALSO, peruse most of these sites for even more super creative Halloween decor. Truly Amazing and Fun Ideas!!

10. Craftily Ever After for the Halloween and Twilight versions of the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' art (there are 3 of them and downloadable on her site).
9. Everything I Love and More for the DIYed candy corn holders. (and her glitter pumpkins) The link now goes to a newer blog with no info on past posts if it is the same person!
8. Life in Rehab for the ghostly sconces.
7. Every Day is Crafting Day for the Floating Ghost
6. Red Heads Craft More Fun for the Day of the Dead wedding couple
5. Life in Rehab for a great purple & green skeleton wreath
4. Centsational Girl for the ghoulish wine & beer labels
3. Design Love for the PB inspired, Rockin' Mantle
2. The Autocrat for the Alfred Hitchcock Tablescape
1. Cul-de-Sac Chic for the Witch and Cats Yard Decor.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pinterest - Putting Those Pins To The Test

I'm linking this up! Because I've been trying to finish another big project and decorate for Halloween, I'm using this project because it was my own little 'pinterest challenge' that I did right before they announced another Pinterest Challenge!

Check out Young House Love, Bower Power, The Ugly Duckling House and Our Fifth House to see what these creative folks did and to also see other creative readers' projects!

One night last week, I really wanted to be productive and accomplish something on my long, ever-growing to-do list. However, I was so tired from work I just could not phathom pulling out a can of paint or grabbing the painters tape and starting on anything that I could not finish that night.

Enter, Pinterest. I have so great pins in my folders. It seems to me a waste of space to continue to store these pictures and never do anything about it. SO, since I was in the mood for a 'results right now' kind of DIY fix, I rounded up a few ingredients and some dirty jewelry and actually tried one of my many pins.

Here is the original pin and source web page.

Web Page

I heated my water, added my aluminum foil, baking soda, dishwashing liquid and salt and plopped them in!

Here is the 1st batch I started with, once silver hoops and little dangly balls and our wedding rings.




AFTER (not as much differnce as the silver)

Here is the 2nd batch - a few pair of earings, including round studs as dirty as the first batch and some not as dirty; and a ring with a little black in the crevices and a filthy ring.

This ring was black and had not been warn in years
because it looked to terrible to wear.

Easy Peasy! I couldn't believe it worked as well as it did. Some of those earrings (and that black ring) I had not worn in years because they were just black and embarrassing.  Most of the jewelry I tried was 925 silver (sterling silver) but the wedding bands were all white gold. The change doesn't show in the pictures for those as much, but I think it is more due to the fact that they still need to be professionally cleaned in the crevices behind the diamonds, but they definitely sparkle more than before.

It's like I went out and bought 5 pair of new ear rings and a new ring!