Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hip Surgery - what the??

Following some 'minor' hip surgery, which I put off to enjoy Snowboard season with all the lovely snow on the east coast this year, I'm now realizing ALL the things I CAN'T currently and probably for some of the summer get out and enjoy!
Now I'm not so sure I made the right choice based on the following things being hard if not impossible to do right now:
1) the simplist of yard/garden work (read bending over to weed, plant, put down mulch)
2) possibly wakeboard, though honestly I didn't do this the last 2 seasons so I may be ok with this
3) play golf
4) ride my bike; don't misinterpret that I go on radical bike rides, but I do have "bike gang" in which a group of us do a Saturday or Sunday bike ride on a course around the city that always includes 3-5 stops at favorite watering holes
5) any workouts that involve more than walking, stationary bike that doesn't make you hunch over the bike or light upper body