Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hip Surgery - what the??

Following some 'minor' hip surgery, which I put off to enjoy Snowboard season with all the lovely snow on the east coast this year, I'm now realizing ALL the things I CAN'T currently and probably for some of the summer get out and enjoy!
Now I'm not so sure I made the right choice based on the following things being hard if not impossible to do right now:
1) the simplist of yard/garden work (read bending over to weed, plant, put down mulch)
2) possibly wakeboard, though honestly I didn't do this the last 2 seasons so I may be ok with this
3) play golf
4) ride my bike; don't misinterpret that I go on radical bike rides, but I do have "bike gang" in which a group of us do a Saturday or Sunday bike ride on a course around the city that always includes 3-5 stops at favorite watering holes
5) any workouts that involve more than walking, stationary bike that doesn't make you hunch over the bike or light upper body


  1. Oh no! Take it easy and feel better soon. And get yourself one of those little bells so at least you can milk it. Heh.


  2. Thanks Kelly! I've been milkin' it but I'm thinking it's getting real old w/the husband! Happy Weekend (may I not overdo it trying to do some more mulching and weeding).

  3. I just popped over from your comment on Kelly's site. Welcome to the blogosphere, and I hope you feel well enough to do all the things you want.