Thursday, June 10, 2010

Disaster Averted.

So I'm usually pretty jealous each morning when I lean over to kiss my sleeping husband goodbye as I dash out of the door to work. This morning I was SO glad that he works from home and didn't have an appointment because when he got up there was water all over the bathroom floor - gushing out of the vanity. In our bathroom reno (which started in October and we're not quite finished and will be my first before/after photo post if we ever finish)we replaced a single vanity w/a huge double. The double was set up to accommodate 2 sets of pipes coming out of the wall, but of course we only had one. Our plumber rigged the single wall pipes to accommodate the double set up using the inside of the vanity where the 3 drawers are located. Hence we have one full size drawer and the 2 below have been recreated into mini drawers to accommodate the pipes. Apparently, the top drawer was rubbing the pipe when we open and close it and it finally rubbed a hole in it. As it stands right now there's a mop pan under the pipes with all the drawers pulled out awaiting a trip to Lowe's for a new pipe! Why a mop pan? Oh yeah, did I mention that when the shut off valve is turned off it still leaks a little water?? A lovely weekend project - replace pipe and cut down top drawer size. Oh yeah, and did I also mention that D used our good towels to get up the water? I'll be washing whites this weekend too I guess.....All this and my first attempt at Bike Gang on Saturday.

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