Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mood Board or Mood Bored?

I'm a total blogaholic when it comes to anything house related, which can totally be supported by my blog roll. One of the coolest things that I've never known about was this thing called a 'Mood Board'. I've heard of an inspiration board and even have a few friends that have them, but never related them to decorating.
Lately, I've felt a huge creative void, possibly chalked up to not being busy at work or I really feel like decorating something but our place is pretty much done and it will be a while before we've saved enough for our next house. So to fill that void (ha! for the meantime), I attempted to create a Mood Board for a future home office, knowing only that 1) our next house has to have an extra room solely for an office, 2)D would like it to be RED and 3) he would like 'a grown up desk'. I don't have photoshop other than the online version which is nothing more than photo editing so I did it in PowerPoint. I think it turned out okay and it was totally fun to pretend shop and build it with things I liked.
Now the reality of it all is how much of this stuff will be around once this room is more than fictional? Then again, maybe I won't look as crazy if I try to buy a mood board from one of my favs once I actually have a room to decorate!


  1. One time I made an office out of a large closet. It actually worked out pretty well!


  2. I imagine that would be pretty cool. You could leave the office and close the door on it and forget about it for the weekend. If we only had an extra closet. Those too are packed to the gills.

  3. I feel your pain about old houses not having enough closet space... I keep telling myself that one day I will have a house with large closets, because I love the idea of putting a mini-office in a closet. Doubt it will happen anytime soon, though, because I am addicted to old houses, which brings me to my point: YOUR HOUSE IS ADORABLE! There is nothing like an old house!