Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Mood Board

I found out about this from Kristi over at Life at the Chateau Whitman. What could be more fun on an icky Monday? So I headed over to pewter+sage , where I chose the Barbara Barry "Poetical" Bedding Collection from Macy's.
Here is the mood board I created and here is a rundown on where to get everything.
Chandelier, LampsPlus, $599.99
Vintage Velvet Drapery, Restoration Hardware, $125
Warner Upholstered Bed, Restoration Hardware $2965
St James 11-Drawer Dresser, Restoration Hardware, $2265
Belfort Wingback Dining Chair (obviously being used as a bedroom chair), Restoration Hardware, $629
Striped Tibetan Rug, Restoration Hardware, $1299
Faceted Mirror Side Table, West Elm, $199
Paint: Decorati by Benjamin Moore in Sea Foam (ceiling) and Silver Bells (walls)
Vase, Crate and Barrel, $90
Candlesticks, Skimmer at Ikea, 9.99 each
Blair Throw,, $225
I went full fantasy on this spending way more than I would in reality. I liked the subdued colors of the bedding and decided to keep room color and decor muted as well but add punch by using brown furniture.

St. James 11-Drawer Dresser | Restoration Hardware
$2,265 -

Warner Upholstered Bed | Restoration Hardware
$2,965 -

St. James 11-Drawer Dresser | Restoration Hardware
$2,265 -

Striped Tibetan Rug | Restoration Hardware
$1,299 -

Chandeliers |
$300 -

Blair Throw
$225 -

Vintage Velvet Drapery | Restoration Hardware
$125 -

$90 -

$8.99 -

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mood Board or Mood Bored?

I'm a total blogaholic when it comes to anything house related, which can totally be supported by my blog roll. One of the coolest things that I've never known about was this thing called a 'Mood Board'. I've heard of an inspiration board and even have a few friends that have them, but never related them to decorating.
Lately, I've felt a huge creative void, possibly chalked up to not being busy at work or I really feel like decorating something but our place is pretty much done and it will be a while before we've saved enough for our next house. So to fill that void (ha! for the meantime), I attempted to create a Mood Board for a future home office, knowing only that 1) our next house has to have an extra room solely for an office, 2)D would like it to be RED and 3) he would like 'a grown up desk'. I don't have photoshop other than the online version which is nothing more than photo editing so I did it in PowerPoint. I think it turned out okay and it was totally fun to pretend shop and build it with things I liked.
Now the reality of it all is how much of this stuff will be around once this room is more than fictional? Then again, maybe I won't look as crazy if I try to buy a mood board from one of my favs once I actually have a room to decorate!

Disaster Averted.

So I'm usually pretty jealous each morning when I lean over to kiss my sleeping husband goodbye as I dash out of the door to work. This morning I was SO glad that he works from home and didn't have an appointment because when he got up there was water all over the bathroom floor - gushing out of the vanity. In our bathroom reno (which started in October and we're not quite finished and will be my first before/after photo post if we ever finish)we replaced a single vanity w/a huge double. The double was set up to accommodate 2 sets of pipes coming out of the wall, but of course we only had one. Our plumber rigged the single wall pipes to accommodate the double set up using the inside of the vanity where the 3 drawers are located. Hence we have one full size drawer and the 2 below have been recreated into mini drawers to accommodate the pipes. Apparently, the top drawer was rubbing the pipe when we open and close it and it finally rubbed a hole in it. As it stands right now there's a mop pan under the pipes with all the drawers pulled out awaiting a trip to Lowe's for a new pipe! Why a mop pan? Oh yeah, did I mention that when the shut off valve is turned off it still leaks a little water?? A lovely weekend project - replace pipe and cut down top drawer size. Oh yeah, and did I also mention that D used our good towels to get up the water? I'll be washing whites this weekend too I guess.....All this and my first attempt at Bike Gang on Saturday.