Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas 2010 House Tour

Have you entered my giveaway yet. Hurry up and do it, you have until Christmas Night!

I really intended to have this up on Monday because I took the day off. However, I did not realize the extent of Christmas shopping and wrapping that I still had to do, so I could not get all the pictures taken until that night which means some of these will be very dark.
If you read this post, I'll point out the biggest changes that have been made since that tour of 2004. You know, just in case you are tired from shopping and they just aren't that obvious to you.


The Living Room:

So, this is what you get when the camera is still on Close Up mode and shoot from
across the room. Or what it looked like before my eye surgery back in 05.

This wall is a different color than 2004.

The Dining Room: Since 2004 we added chair rail and painted above it in a lighter blue color. The bottom we repainted in an almost identical color from before.

The Kitchen, a drastically different color than before.

On the way upstairs:

Just the smallest thing in the guest room, but have mantel, will decorate.

The Master Bedroom. I JUST finished updating our bedding, etc. to 'man' it up a bit, including my REDI SHADE, but that will be after the New Year when I actually have time to make up the bed and take some shots!

The Master Bathroom. Biggest change in the house. From single girl purple to man it up chocolate. We still have to add the quarter round to the top, but I'll post a before/after when it's completely done because it was pretty drastic.


  1. Lovely! Merry Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  2. Stunning! I love all the luxury, the colors, the glitter, everything, and hey! I have that peacock!