Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Mood Board

I just love when Sarah over at Pewter & Sage has her Monday Mood Boards.
You can click here to read about all of our options, but this is the one I picked:

At first I was drawn to the first picture, love the colors in the 2nd picture, but the books spoke to me in the picture and the grayish-blue and orange in the throw and the candle sticks. (Disclaimer: I must admit, though I knew I'd participate as soon as Sarah announced this one, I am a last minute procrastinator type of girl, so I did this today. Therefore, I totally went with Picture 3 when I saw most others this morning were drawn to Picture 1.) I don't necessarily like country cottage-ish feel that I do sense in this picture, but the hard wood floors, the muted colors and the books inspired a dark wood office with grays and hints of orange with those awesome barrister bookcases that are SOOO expensive and SOOO very cool.

Anyway, I'm not sure I'm loving the art, but Monday is slipping away and wanted to get this up on time. I may have to alter the art work to find something a little darker (read 'that actually matches'). I'm not usually a wallpaper person either, but this pattern was fantastic!

Hope you like it. I've linked up so go and visit some of the other great blogs that have linked up!

Ginger Side Table
$299 -

Z Gallerie - Damask Pillow 24"
$60 -

$1,149 -

Friday, November 19, 2010

Quick & Easy Magazine Holder Upgrade

In an effort to declutter, I recently cleaned off our shelves & cleaned out the closet in the guest bedroom/office. One of the things that was quick and very cheap, with a great end result was this little project: an upgrade to the ugly cardboard magazine holders that I snagged from former job (before they were thrown away, just to be clear!)

Here's what I started with:

And here's what I used. I loved the colors and the room is light and dark taupe with light blue accents: Two scrapbook sheets for each magazine holder. They happen to be double-sided but only because I liked these designs. If you find a single-sided sheet you like, that definitely works. I think I spend under $2 on both, already had the sponge applicator and the infamous mod podge.

Pull the tabs out so you have a flat surface, trace the outline and cut, apply glue and place the paper onto the flattened magazine holder. Here's the end result. It took about 15-20 minutes total to do both.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

So What Do You Get For Seven Grand?...

... OR "I Think We Got the Trick and Not the Treat"
(a late Halloween Tale)

That's right, a brand new entire sewer line to replace the one that was so wrought with tree roots and basically disintegrated that it had to be abandoned.

Saturday the night for Halloween parties, I walked into the kitchen to find both sinks full of water - with NO stoppers engaged. Mr. N&TOH had just taken a shower. That was the only water that it could possibly be! So we grabbed the plunger and got the water to move -- but only as far as the dishwasher right beside it (WITH clean dishes in there). I managed to grab the bottom rack and move it to the dining room. Then I proceeded to scoop buckets of water out of the sinks and throw them off the patio while he scooped cups from the dishwasher. See, the dishwasher doesn't have as huge a basin as the sinks so we were starting to get gushing water from said dishwasher. We said forget it, let's worry about this after tonight.

Jump to Monday and we couldn't actually get anyone out until Tuesday. This plumber put the snake down the kitchen drain and came up with dirt and weeds. Fantastic. He told us we were gonna need Roto Rooter. Yeah, that sounds like a big problem. They came out Tuesday afternoon and discovered that our CAST IRON pipes were basically original to whenever The Old House first received indoor plumbing and had since been shredded by tree roots and rust. It was now time to abandon those pipes and put in an entire new PVC sewer line - FROM THE BACK OF OUR LONG, ROW HOUSE TO THE FRONT WHERE THE CITY TIES IN! LOVELY!

I wanted to do a small kitchen upgrade with a new stainless DW and new Stove and some new granite counters but that is not going to happen. Instead, we can now shower, flush the toilet, and do laundry. For now.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Well, you do love CSN don't you?

Hello! It's been a week or so since I've done a new post. Don't worry, I've just been quietly sitting back and stalking everyone else. And I'm So. Glad. I. Do. Otherwise, I'd miss out on great giveaways like this:

Sunny over at one of my absolute favorite blogs, Life in Rehab is having ANOTHER giveaway of a $40 gift certificate to CSN Stores!!

If you haven't entered you should do so at this post, and if you haven't checked out her blog, well, you need to get crackin' (the link is above). The women is full of life, humor and wonderful craft ideas (and has more energy than that D#*m Pink Energizer Bunny!)

Good Luck and because I'm no dummy, I'm getting as many entries as I can!! I love shopping, and shopping for free is EVEN better!