Friday, September 30, 2011

Two Things of Note

First and very exciting, I am attending my first bloggers in person meet up. It's in my town and I can't wait to meet all of the talented Virginia bloggers that will be there. If you live in the vicinity of Richmond, VA you should come!

Second, I am going to update the look of my blog. One big task with that is capturing the blogs that I regularly visit on my sidebar. If you hear from me often or visit me often and you are not listed, please comment or e-mail me so I can add you. I follow a ridiculous amount of blogs, but I like to acknowledge the ones that I religiously look at everyday.

Hope to see any Virginians (or hey, if you want to make a road trip!) at the Sweet Tea Social next Saturday!!


  1. I would love to do a blogger meet up, why are there so many talented bloggers in other states? There are only a few I know of in WI - maybe I should do a 'border' one with IL too!