Thursday, January 26, 2012

Delivery Date Set!

There has been a lot of anticipation since December 16th around here. We finally decided on and ordered a new sectional couch on that day. Because we picked a color that is not a 'stock color', the turnaround time would be 5-10 weeks. Well, this week we finally got the email to set up the delivery and it is coming tomorrow!

The Amafali Sectional from Havarty's.

But in this color...Mocha, and a lounger instead of cuddler, but on the left!
 We also researching gas logs. We're finding they're pretty expensive for our local Patio and Hearth store. A bit over $2000. SO, we'll be looking at some other local shops to see if we can get a better deal. YIKES. After that, we have to be at a stopping point for a little while so our bank accounts can catch up! We plan to save up and look at rugs and plantation blinds for the room. We may paint it too, but for now we are undecided and do not dislike the tannish beige color that is in there now. So even though this room will be a 'work in progress' for a while, I will do a before and after post, but instead of before and after, it should be before and in progress!

In other news we are in the grouting stages of our tile so I should have another Kitchen Post Number 2 coming up soon!


  1. So, do you have a pic of the sectional in the space?? Exciting!

  2. Good morning (midnight here in Albuquerque - hooray for insomnia!)
    I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated one of your posts for the Best in Show Award on my blog (
    Way to go! :)

  3. I LOVE this couch. I may have to check into it...

  4. Hey Sara, I don't have any pics yet. I was too busy lounging around on it all weekend! HA, no I actually didn't have a chance. I'm going to try tonight but not sure how they'll come out since it will almost be dark when I get home. I did clean up the shelf that houses our cable box and electronics as a start anyway.