Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Wreath for the Front Door

I made a wreath for our front door using red and silver materials last year, but this year I took everything off to add a couple of new items. I found this HUGE wreath at a thrift store in Florida when visiting the in-laws last year for $5. Yes, five dollars!

Here is what I started with: large red and silver ornaments from Hobby Lobby from last year, red deco mesh from AC Moore bought this year, a red glitter star from Dollar Tree bought this year and a Merry Christmas red glitter sign on sale at the end of Christmas last year at a local home interiors store.

Wreath Starting Point - I did not remove the bow from last year

Balls, star, floral picks from last year

Red Deco Mesh

This shot makes it look a LOT smaller than it is.
Finished on the door.

There is a little string of battery operating red lights but I need to add some more. I actually thought I was buying white until I got them home and read the box that they were red. You can not tell until you turn them on.

I've almost finished decorating and just need to take pictures. I'm planning to link up to parties as the season goes on! I will hopefully tie it all together with a Christmas House Tour for 2012!
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  1. Love that wreath! It's so big and full and festive!

  2. Hi Vonda, I'm so glad you came over. Now, I am going to follow your adventures. I love DIY. Did you say 1885 house? This is going to be good. We once had a 1907 home. That was a lot of work...lath and plaster. I know you know what I am talking about. Great wreath.

    1. Yes, my house which we now rent out was built in 1885. The one we bought last year was built in 1921 so yes, lath and plaster....

  3. that is so festive! love the red merry christmas in the middle!

  4. Your wreath is gorgeous!!! I am loving red this year, too!! Thank you so much for linking to our party!