Monday, October 26, 2009

Busy Birthday Week

Well, the hubby finished the fence on Thursday and I will take some pics later this week and post them. It looks like a pro did it.
We went out of town to visit friends on Saturday and got back in time for our football game (we lost by 2 point, but still in the playoffs). After some drinks and hotdogs at the best place in town for dogs, City Dog, I worked on landscaping along the side of the house by porch light. Then we put out some decorations for Halloween, though we have a few more to put out and we want to carve a pumpkin.
I don't see us doing too much this week though. It's my birthday on Tuesday and tonight we're heading to DC to see the Redskins/Eagles game. Then Wednesday, I celebrate the birthday with my girlfriends. SO, hopefully I can finish up some outdoor projects on Thursday before it gets dark. This is, afterall, the last week I can work outside during the weekenights. I really hate the Daylight Savings fall back thingy -- at least at night. I DO like getting up when it's light outside, however.

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