Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Won! I Won!

I am definitely one of those people who always says "I never win anything". Now, I do win the occasional hand of poker during Ladies Poker Night, or at Team Sports like kickball and football, and 2 years in a row I actually won the office March Madness Pool. But Contests. They always seem to allude me. Always. But nope, not today. No sirree bob.

I'm the proud winner of a $40 gift certificate to CSN Stores from a giveaway on the fabulous Sunny's fun & craft filled blog, Life in Rehab! Thanks so much Sunny!

I've been looking through all the great things over at CSN Stores, but there's so much it may take me a while to narrow down what to buy! But stay tuned as I venture through the endless possibilities while trying to figure out which room is most deserving of a new treasure, courtesy of CSN and Life in Rehab!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats!


    p.s. I think that lady thought it would be funny to give an entire public restroom the world's largest shared heart attack. Obviously, I use the word funny loosely.