Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Finding Fabulous at CSN Stores - Part 1

In the last few days (ok past 2 weeks) I have been shopping around CSN Store's website in an attempt to pick out something fabulous with my gift certificate, which you can read ALL about here and here. I thought about the current projects on my To-Do List and started at the very top. Go Big or Go Home, as they say.

I REALLY want to update our bedroom so I looked at bedding and found these.

Our bedroom is Laura Ashley Olive (4 with 3 & 5 on mantel and ceiling trim) and our bathroom is Behr Chocolate Cupcake. Either of these would perfectly update our bedroom which currently has purple hydrangea bedding (a hand-me-down from my mom which used to coordinate with my purple bathroom). The husband moved into my house and we updated the bathroom to 'man it up' but haven't touched the bedroom except to update my 17" flatscreen to his 40" flatscreen. But I digress.... At $319 and $270 for the comforter, dust ruffle and shams alone, I better keep looking.

After I came back to my senses, I got a little more practical. I love neat & organized, so I went over to Storage & Organization and thought about having each one of these items in our house.
Our hamper sits in our bathroom for all to see.
Not a biggie but what if I made it match the room more? ($36.26)
Or what if I could get D to not only put his dirties in the hamper but sort them while he's at it! The Honey Can Do Folding Hamper for $19.99. Less work on me....

Hmm, both possibilities, but boring. I know.

Then I shifted my focus out of the master bed+bath and explored kitchen ideas. John & Sherry have some great space saving ideas when it comes to food storage. So I immediately thought of this post and #2 in this post when I saw the Zevro Triple Wall Mount Dispenser ($34.95) and thought this would be a fun and funky addition to our kitchen:

Then I focused on "What do we really need" and the canister thoughts disapated. D is recently concerned about using plastic in the mircowave and our rubbermaid sets are starting to look, well plain 'ol gross. (That was one of the few things we didn't get from our registry so they're all quite old.) So I found these glass storage containers, which would allow us to combine the storage container cabinet with the glass cookware/storage cabinet.
Pyrex 18 piece set ($29.95) Hmmm, definitely a possibility.
But these are oh so cute AND have a lid organizer. Fresh Keeper 31 piece food storage set ($25.53) I don't whole heartedly buy into the plastics and mircowave thing, so these could be a possibility as well.

I really want one of these. Not for me but for the prince of the house. Less work for me, yes, but not fun enough to even make the cut. In fact, somewhat unrelated to buying something for the home which was my very first inspiration when I started shopping. This shows at least how thorough I have been in looking around CSN and how easily I get off subject.

Two trips ago, our zipper on our suitcase broke. So don't think that I didn't take a stroll through the Luggage Department for some hip new luggage. But, I think American Tourister has a lifetime warranty. I just need to figure out how to work that. I also checked out the Shoes and the Handbags while I was there.

Mind you, all of my strolling took closer to 3 than 2 weeks. At some point you just get worn out and have to stop for the day (you know, to go home at the end of your WORK DAYS) and come back with a fresh eye. I took a break between Luggage, Shoes and Handbags and the Lighting Department and I'm very glad I did. I hope you will too.

Stay tuned for Part 2, which was totally unintentional. I don't think I've ever said it before and my mom would be in shock, but: "I'm really tired of shopping right now!"


  1. I'm sitting here chuckling that you've worn yourself out online- too funny! You have some fun choices in there though, and I'll be back for Part 2!

  2. It won't take me as long I promise!! I may even be working on it now. ; > )

  3. Hi Vonda! I'm not sure I've ever 'met' you, if so forgive me! I have the same trouble as you when I'm shopping on CSN. I won a $50 certificate too, and I have no idea what to get - I want it to be something fun because the money is free, but it would be more practical to get something we need...whatever will I do? I probably won't buy anything for months while I waffle....ha

  4. Hi Sara! Nice to meet you! I've actually been over to your blog quite a few times and have recently bookmarked it.
    I have been known to hold on to a gift certificate for as much as a year, but I've been into small "up-dos" to our place lately that I think this one will be spent by the weekend. I think I'm close....
    PS - Check your expiration date. I think my expires by year end!