Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Table Decor

One of the things that I told myself in December as I undecorated for Christmas was that I was going to decorate the dining room table for every holiday. I have done it for the most part, but sadly didn't take pictures of them. I hit Valentines Day, Easter and St. Patty's, but missed the July 4th holiday mostly because we were absurdly busy in June and then went on vacation for the week of the 4th. But, alas, Fall is here and I threw some old stuff in with some things I bought at Hobby Lobby (ON SALE) and the Dollar Tree.

Here is our Fall Decor. I am anxiously awaiting changing it up for Halloween!! My husband LOVES Halloween, as do I, so each year a bit more things get added to our house....

When? When can we start putting out our Halloween stuff???

PS - For my camera-talented blog friends. I'm still working on getting better at photos, but still haven't quite caught on. I did do a lot of these doing exposure bracketing which helps get the light right. But, it's clearly still a work in progress!


  1. Spooky cute!


  2. Very festive!

    And honey, you're a blogger. You decorate for the seasons with the department stores!

  3. Thanks Ladies!! I have a feeling my husband is going to want to get started on the Halloween decorating tonight! He'd already snooped in the big Dollar Tree bag of stuff I bought last week!