Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quick Link Love - Cast your Votes!

A couple of blog friends are in contests. If you land on my meager page and by some crazy chance haven't seen theirs, take the time to vote:

For Sara at Russet Street Reno: her awesome art room makeover

Place to vote, One Project Closer, here.

Nine posts with amazing pictures on her site about the art room makeover here.

For Kelly at Tearing Up Houses: her beautiful bedroom makeover

Place to vote: Who doesn't love Apartment Therapy!

Original Post on her site about the bedroom (one of two), here.

Good Luck Ladies!!


  1. Vonda! This was really, really nice of you. Seriously! Big fat hug from me to you!


  2. You are too sweet! Thank you for the wonderful shout out.

  3. Already showed them both the blog love!

  4. What a great thing - helping a friend with a contest!

    And yes - LOVE apartment therapy!