Friday, January 28, 2011

An Award? Really?

Imagine my surprise when my slack arse got a note from the most awesome Carol over at The Antique Texan telling me she awarded me with the Stylish Blogger Award! I have been seeing this award all over the Blogisphere so I'm very honored that girlfriend awarded this to me and I'm now in the mix with Carol and other very inspiring bloggers! Truly astonished!

Carol's blog is one that I follow and check in on every day. Carol is classy, witty, bright and generous with a huge heart. She is truly one of my closest and oldest blog friends and if ever I had the chance to meet face to face over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, I bet it would be like I've known her for-evah. SO THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU CAROL!!

So, here's the lay of the land, or the accepting of the award in this case:
A. Thank and link back to the person that awarded you or me in this case. (above)
B. Share seven things about you.
C. Pay it forward to 15 (or so) recently discovered bloggers (I'm going recently discovered by ME b/c some have been around for longer.)
D. Contact those bloggers about the award!

B. Share: I found this part very difficult as I'm not really a 'share-er'. OK, that's total BS, if anything I probably over share. I'm just not that interesting. But here is my attempt at wowing you with trivia of me:

  • I have been in my house for 12 almost 13 years now and if there was such a thing for me as a home pc, blogs or digital cameras back then, well, let's just say I could have led the charge in the whole DIY Single Female Blog genre.

  • I am a dancer at heart, though not by body or willingness to be totally poor. I cry at EVERY. EPISODE. of So You Think You Can Dance and it literally hurts when I think that my years of dancing on a stage are long over.

  • I am lucky to have been born skinny (though I'm totally average now), because I LOVE. FOOD. and do not think I would have ever had the will power to diet.

  • I dream OFTEN of winning the lottery and thinking of all the good we could do and all the fun we could have if jobs and money were no longer 'worries'.

  • I'm a girly girl, loving fashion, can't shop enough, love skincare, won't go without a pedi (but for winter to give the toes a rest from the polish).

  • But I LOVE football and sports. I love college football and the NFL, I play co-ed 2-hand touch football in Spring & Fall.

  • I have not just 1-2 besties, but a mob of 10-12 of close girlfriends! And they are ALL. AWESOME. And we have all been friends for over 10 years, most meeting during our post-college years here in RVA (and celebrated & mourned many, many things over those years).

C. Pay forward. While this should have been easy, Carol also loves SEVEN of the same blogs I love and would have awarded AND then I looked at some of my other favorites to ensure they had not already received the award.

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(I did check a month's worth of your posts, so if you've already received this award my apologies, let me know!)

D. Now that I'm finally done with all of these challenging things, I'm off to contact these lovely blogs. If they are new to you, please check them out. They're talented and worthy.


  1. I am right there with you on the no-way-could-I-diet. Never.gonna.happen. Just ask my husband. I can tell you the best place to eat in any town I have ever been. Ridiculous.


  2. Thank you so much for the award. I look forward to visiting the other blog award winners!

  3. Why how very sweet of you to give me this award.(-: And congratulations on receiving it. It was fun hearing these little things about you and your life ~ it sounds as if it has been a very full and happy one.(-:

  4. Thanks for the award I paid it forward if you want to check it out. :)

  5. I'm blushing... thanks so much for the award!

  6. I truly enjoy visiting your sites everytime a new post pops up on my dashboard Ladies! Keep up the good work!

  7. Aww you are so sweet! Thank you so much!!

  8. Gah, I'm so behind! Thank you very much for the award. I envy all your friends, I only have a couple good ones!