Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Between Vacations (I did a house project!)

Ocean Water Over Toes in Sand

Between the times this summer I've had my toes in the sand, I have enjoyed our new house.

 We closed on June 10th, moved June 13th. My mom stayed with us that whole week to help us clean and unpack.

On June19th we went to Edisto Beach for a week.

Then we came back. For a week. On July 1st we left for Emerald Isle, NC for a week.

Then we came back. This time I have actually been in our house from the 9th until tomorrow morning. I leave for Puerto Rico with girlfriends tomorrow, the 20th and will be back next week.

But this weekend was the first full weekend in the house and I got a lot done. But this was what I actually took pictures of since the other stuff was errands and a major organizing of our files.

I left 11 tomato plants over at The Old House for our tenants. I hope when I go pick up some mail that they'll give me some since it's only 2 of them. Knowing that it will be futile to plant a tomato plant and expect fruit this late in the season, I did have to opt for the herb garden. I also left my herb garden behind.

We have a sandbox in our new yard. We knew we would have no use for this, kids or not. Sand is not something I want to be regularly cleaning from my house unless there is an ocean that comes along with it. The box is conveniently located off the kitchen so I thought it would be the perfect spot for a raised herb garden. There is landscape fabric under there too so I won't have a weed problem down the line.
I moved the sand from the side I am going to currently use. Added 12 bags of topsoil (no magic in the number just a good estimate and all I really wanted to pay for at the time) plus some Miracle Grow potting soil I already had that was getting old. I raked it evenly and walked around on it a little to slightly pack it down.

Then added my herbs based on how big they get and which ones I use the most and Viola! we have the beginnings of an herb garden. I'm sure I will add more herbs once I figure out what in the world to do with all of that sand.

Basil planted prominently in front.

I split the 1 container of chives in 1/2 so I have 2 large chives down the road.

Oregano and Rosemary behind that which will get big in a few years.

Cute little bunnies guard the herbs!

I'm off to Puerto Rico but will share the pseudo porch makeover when I get back.

I say pseudo because we don't have any furniture and I just looked around yesterday online and everything is so expensive! I like the wicker with the thick cushions like Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware or the metal with the thick cushions. Seems like everything is over $400-500 (even at the end of the season). Anyone have suggestions on places to look for an outdoor sofa or loveseat. I'm starting to think we may have to do a couple of chairs instead.


  1. Dang, lucky you with all those vacations!!! I'm totally jealous. Congrats on the new house, I haven't stopped over here in awhile...clearly!