Friday, August 26, 2011

Batten Down the Hatches

On Tuesday we experienced a 5.9 earthquake with the epicenter about a 40 minute drive from here. We did find cracks in our new house, in our master bedroom - the addition that was put on in 2006 or 2007. But wait, there's more!

This is in a store in Mineral. In Louisa County, VA
This weekend, the weathermen are telling us to brace for Hurricane Irene. If this storm maintains its current path, the eye will make landfall right over Morehead City, NC, into Sandbridge (the top of the outer banks of NC) and right on into Norfolk & Virginia Beach, continuing up the coast for an almost direct hit to the Jersey Shore and New York City. They've announced mandatory evacuations for people in low lying areas of Norfolk, VA and in Poquoson, VA and Sandbridge. (We are 1 1/2 hours from Norfolk. We go there regularly to watch Norfolk Admirals Hockey.) They are telling Richmond to expect Tropical Storm-like conditions. (Hello, Isabel followed by Tropical Storm Gaston are still fresh in my head.)

I go with my family to Emerald Isle every year, since I was a little girl. EI is located on the opposite side of the island from Atlantic Beach. Atlantic Beach exits the island on a bride that connects into Morehead City. The island only takes 20 minutes to drive from end to end. Catch what I'm throwing? I'm a bit on edge about my dad's beach house.
Short Story Long, give a prayer or 2, push good thoughts to the universe, channel positive energy, meditate, cast a spell, or any other methods you may practice, to turn this storm into more HYPE than BITE for the entire eastern seaboard this weekend.

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