Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Has Sprung in Virginia

We just got back from a wonderful week in Breckenridge, Colorado with friends on a snowboard vacation. We got home late Sunday night and when I went to work on Monday I had to wash the windshield and back window to see out of the car!

Last night I took a few shots of what's blooming in our garden beds right now. Remember all those bulbs I planted in the Fall? Here are those same spots now (with some side by side comparisons).

The larger pictures above are what's filling in now: the Tulips and Irises I planted along with a lot of hostas popping up. The smaller pictures are what this bed looked like after cleaning it up and planting.

Before planting

Check them out now, closer up

Before cleaning out & planting

After and look how much bigger the pansies are

There were also some pleasant surprises from the previous owners. The bed below is one that is at the end of the driveway. Sadly, the tree trunk you can see if that of a dead dogwood. I wouldn't let the Mister cut it down until I made sure it didn't come back in the Spring. It was brown in July, but I was hoping that it was just in drought shock. Sadly, we'll have to cut it down. I will probably put another one in there or a Japanese Maple. 

Other things you can spot in this picture: There may be lilies, the fact that I need to weed (just put mulch in the Thursday before vacation!), the white blooming azaleas at the other end of the yard AND the grass we planted in late October.

Remember when I started my herb garden (the only edible garden I got to have last summer since we moved in mid-June)? Here's a shot of how that's progressing. I have planted Dill and Cilantro in there for the Spring. This year I'll actually remove the remainder of the sand, add more soil and fill the whole thing with herbs.

Things are a little bigger, and the basil obviously doesn't make it thru winter around here

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