Thursday, December 13, 2012

O' Christmas Tree

I don't know why I haven't found time to use my somewhat new camera to take pictures of the whole house decorated for Christmas. It may have something to do with a lot of things going on at the same time and, oh yeah, it's dark when I get home from work making inside shots a little challenging for a novice like me.

Anyway, I will be back with a Sum It All Up 2012 Christmas House Tour but for now I snapped some shots of our trees before bed last night.

I used chocolate, teal and lime green in our living room this year. It doesn't look this noticeable in real life, but in these pictures you can REALLY tell that the very top lights are out. There is a short in them as it is all of that top strand that is out, not just a few here and there. AND. I did not notice until it was too late. We've only had this tree for about 4 years so I'm pretty bummed that they're out already and one in the middle that I did notice and was able to add a mini set of lights to. Wow, I need to find one of those devices to help you locate the short and play around with it this weekend before our 1st annual Christmas party!!

The top of the tree can be seen from the room and as you go up the stairs so I put a lime green star on the back of the tree and a big bow with brown, teal and green ribbon on the front.

I also have four of these little things that plug into the lights that make the ornaments spin. I just love using those every year. This one is a glittery ball. The disco balls also look really cool in action.

My husband picked out his colors for his white tree. This year he went with red, black and silver. He did a good job decorating and then I went back with the Peace ornaments because I'm not sure he even knew what to do with those! We also figured out how to get the red star tree topper plugged into the tree lights this year!

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  1. Both your trees are beautiful! Merry Christmas :)

    1. Thank you so much! And thanks for stopping by!

  2. Your trees are beautiful! I am a new follower and hope you will drop by soon. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Hugs, Sherry

    1. thanks so much! And thanks for becoming a follower. I'll be popping over soon! I think I've visited your site before as the name rings a bell!