Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cleaning House (In the Computer Way) by July 1st!

I know. I know. It's been way long since I've done a post. There are several projects that I completed over the winter but haven't taken 'after' pictures of. It's on the agenda for the weekend. There have been a couple of posts that I've written but couldn't get the pictures done in time (i.e. YHL and BowerPower's last Pinterest Challenge) or a Mood Board Monday that I used to ALWAYS do that I just couldn't get done before vacation.

But today I realize that time is ticking away before Google Reader shuts its doors. That makes me sad. I've had to figure out what else to use. I read numerous articles on the geekster sites and narrowed down to a top 6.

 At home I'll use Feedly on my iPad, but I like to stalk my blog favs at work and so I have to chose a platform that is not blocked by our fire wall or that is compatible with the version of Explorer we're still using here. That eliminates The Old Reader and Bloglovin, and leaves me with NetVibes. Jury is still out on that one as it doesn't appear to provide you with an easy way to transfer your subscriptions. {Update: once you use takeout and then change your subscriptions.xml to subscriptions.opml, you can easily upload your entire list of blogs to NetVibes. It just took some time at home without a work firewall to get it all set up.}

I've heard from my regular bloggers that Bloglovin is where a lot of them are heading. Interestingly enough, it was not listed in any of the articles I read. AND, it's a blocked site at work so I'll be over at NetVibes on my own it looks like!!

Since it's become quite the project and I'm slow at work, I am going the extra step in eliminating some of the blogs I follow. That is a quite the task. I've gone from over 80 blogs I read every day (or when they do a post) to now 54.

Some of them got moved to my favorites folder. Some I may have just followed for a good post but have since lost interest and others in my subscriptions have quit blogging.

In the long run, I hope a new reader for the iPad will allow me to keep up with my blog reading on weekends and vacations. And the shorter list could even make me more productive at work. Imagine that! OR, most likely, it will simply afford me the opportunity to discover more blogs.

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