Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer: The Time of Weddings and Fresh Decor

Summer is here friends. With it brings light and airy decor, beach trips and weddings. If you're lucky, it brings the later two things simultaneously (or all three!).

We spent the second week of June in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina enjoying a week at the beach that began with a wedding of two dear friends.

Wedding was on the lawn between the pool and ocean. Not a bad view in the house!

After I got back home I really missed the beach and beautiful house where the beachy decor was right out of the pages of Pottery Barn. So I did something about it and created a beachy tablescape in the dining room. It makes me happy.

That house was easy inspiration. But every now and then I may have 'writer's decorator's  block' and can not find the inspiration to come up with something creative. That's when I look to inspiration boards like the one below from Shutterfly. It revels in all things summer: light and airy decor, pops of summery color like green, fresh flowers, sweet iced tea (on a hot day, nothing beats it!) and of course weddings!! It makes me want to have a dinner party or relax with good friends and a movie on our sectional couch.

The other thing this inspiration board reminds me of is that sometimes photo decorating can get stale. How old are some of your photos that are still hanging about? How many great pictures do you have stashed somewhere that could make an appearance to freshen up your frames. I'm also addicted to making photo books. I make them for every trip. It's like scrapbooking but easier. Another trend that I'm loving is the wrapped canvas pictures. Very nice idea for wedding portraits or family pictures!  Shutterfly offers those too AND they are very affordable and if you're a member they always send you emails of the specials they're running.

I'm on vacation again for the week of July 4th (and shocker - offline!) where I'm sure to take a lot of pictures, just like every year. That means it will be time to work on a vacation photo book. I also think if I get a really good picture, it may have to become a wrapped canvas masterpiece to add to the summer decor!

Happy Fourth of July {early}!!

PS -- Google Reader is going away July 1 and you can see what I'm doing here. I hope you'll bring me along to whatever reader you decide works best for you!

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