Thursday, December 8, 2011

Merry Christmas Mantel

I almost called this post The Case of the Missing Mantels because being our first year in our new house, we only have [brace yourselves!] ONE mantel! I know, it's just tragic.

If you saw my Christmas Tour of The Old House last year (here) and the post I put up with pictures of The Old House when she was on the Church Hill Holiday House Tour in 2004 (here), then you know that she had FIVE mantels.

But I guess I shouldn't complain and be glad for the one that we do have. It is HUGE and we plan to add gas logs this winter, but it is also where the tellie lives and that is a central part of our 'downtime' so there is only the option to decorate around it. Gently.

Here are pictures I took last night and yes, that means after work and it was dark so sadly there was a flash used for these interior shots. Since I'm already late to the game I could not wait until the weekend when I would be at home with daylight. Please ignore the awful wires and curtains and other things. We have not worked on decorating this room, and have not even mounted our TV (we left the old mount at The Old House for tenants.)

I went with a peacock color scheme (pink, purple, teal, green) with silver and black this year. It matches the tree which will make it's appearance in a separate post and linked on December 14.

Night Shot for Romantic Effect.
I'm linking to the following parties full of beautiful mantels:


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  1. How festive your mantle is...just perfect for the holiday. I love all the colors you used ~ so pretty!