Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012 Christmas House Tour

Well, here it is, our house all decorated this year. This is the second year in our new house.

You can see a post on our trees here, vignettes here and a post on the front door wreath I DIYed here.

Let's walk shall we?

Living Room

 I have to apologize point out all the shots in bokah, practicing the technique and may just finally have it.


Looking into the Living Room from the Den.

Dining Room
I have to confess 2 things here. There are not many close-ups pictures of the table because of a couple things, both resulting from the party we had on Saturday. First, I washed the table cloth (using the instructions on the label) and it shrank. By at least 4 - 6 inches so it no longer covers the table as it did prior to said washing! Second, when moving the centerpiece back to the table after washing the tablecloth, the candles fell off and one broke. SO, I tried not to focus in on the one to the right since it is broken. I may try to fix it and hope it's not noticeable as I love this candle trio! I was bummed.

You can see my DIY mirror that I found the idea for on Lowes idea site.
Finally, Stair Railing upstairs, with yet a final bokah effect of the little white tree in our bedroom!

You can see 2011 here.
You can see 2010 here.
You can see when The Old House was on the 2004 Holiday House Tour here.

I'm joining the Holiday House Tour with The Nester today.


  1. Beautiful decor! I love your white tree! Everytime I see one I think I need to buy one. Maybe I finally will next year :) Merry Christmas

    1. Thank you so much. I'm glad you stopped by! My husband loves the white tree!

  2. Wow - you really go all out!!! I love seeing the decorations flow from room to room. So sparkly and beautiful. Your tree is especially gorgeous with all the lights. I'm sure one of your favorite things to do is to marvel at it's beauty in the evenings. GREAT job.

    And thanks for linking up!!!

  3. Hiya Vonda,
    I'm back among the living and thought I'd pop over to see your annual house did not disappoint! The mirror is gorgeous, but the mantle is a definite favorite. Merry Christmas to you and the hubby!

  4. Ack! Sorry I'm so late to this, but I love the little dose of Christmas it gave me today! I love all the different colors you used, so very festive all over!!